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Breast/Chest Surgeries & Complications and Massage

Description of therapeutic breast massage offered by Keeley RMT.

If you’re a new client of Ontario Mobile Massage, you may not have heard that I offer therapeutic breast massage to all genders (fun fact: cisgender men have breast tissue, too!), during all stages of life.

Therapeutic breast massage can relieve generalized chest tightness, reduce rib pain/immobility/stiffness, as well facilitate healing from the following surgeries:

  • Breast augmentations

  • Breast/chest reductions

  • Breast lifts

  • Lumpectomies

  • Simple/modified/radical mastectomies

  • Top surgeries (transmasculine mastectomies) with or without chest masculinization (liposuction), with or without pectoral implants

  • Skin-sparing mastectomies

  • Skin- and nipple-sparing mastectomies

  • Expanders

  • Flap surgeries: DIEP, TRAM, lats, SGAP, TUG

Person holding a breast implant
Person holding a breast implant.

I also offer manual lymphatic drainage massage to treat breast/chest swelling caused by pregnancy, surgery, hormone fluctuation & hormone replacement therapies, as well as blocked milk ducts.

Chestfeeding an infant

Therapeutic breast massage can also improved posture, reduce scar tissue, and ease your breathing!

Person breathing with their hand over their chest

I also treat the following surgery complications:

  • Breast cancer related lymphedema (swelling)

  • Post-mastectomy pain syndrome

  • Iron bra syndrome

  • Axillary web syndrome (aka chording)

  • Seromas

  • Hematomas

  • Breast capsular contractures

  • Necrosis (of skin or fat)

  • Breast implant illness

  • Multiple revision surgeries

  • Explant surgeries

Hands holding a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer

Manual lymphatic drainage can reduce lymphedema, prevent the formation of chording, and prevent/help clean up seromas & hematomas.

General Swedish massage can sooth the aggravated nervous system associated with post-mastectomy pain syndrome, “release” iron bra syndrome, reduce chording, and free up restrictions caused by capsular contractures and fat necrosis.

Both Swedish and lymphatic massage can ease the symptoms of breast implant illness while you are waiting for your explant.

Specific scar techniques applied to multiple revision surgery scars can soften and mobilize deep, compounded scarring.

Person with their hands over their breasts

During/after your treatment, I teach you self-care tips and techniques that you can do on your own between appointments for better results.

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Do you or someone you know need therapeutic breast massage? Book with me at or 647-928-9709!


Keeley Shantz, RMT (they/them)


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